Super King Fitted Sheet (UK)

Color: White
Sale price$158.00 USD


Elevate your bedtime experience with this Super King fitted sheet for the UK, thoughtfully designed to optimize comfort and ease of movement. Its smooth satin center panel lets you move freely throughout the night, while the surrounding material has a higher friction texture to help your feet reposition and to keep you securely in bed.
  • For Super King sized beds sold in the UK!
  • Features an ultra-smooth center panel surrounded by a soft microfiber fabric for safety, comfort and grip
  • Sheet dimensions:  78" long x 72" wide x 14" deep
  • Fits mattresses up to 12" in depth
  • 100% polyester satin and brushed microfiber.

Intended Use: 

For beds and people found everywhere  

  • Homes 
  • Care homes
  • RV’s 
  • Away from home take along our Travel Sheet size for cruise ships and hotels - Accessories