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Comfort Linen bedding works best when you use our specially designed sleep garments. Together they work magically!

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Comfort Linen Fitted Sheets

The genesis of the Comfort Linen sleep system traces its roots back to the hallways and wards of Canadian healthcare facilities. The fitted sheets, originally conceived for hospital use, were partnered with sliding drawsheets to move patients in beds. This ingenious innovation minimized friction, leading to a dramatic decrease in musculoskeletal injuries among nurses and caregivers, thus reducing personal suffering as well as costs associated with workers’ compensation claims.

During the prototype stage, an interesting revelation was made by patients who discovered they could move more freely in bed and no longer had to wait for nurses to assist. Further, they wanted to know if sheets for their larger beds at home were available. This vital feedback wasn't overlooked. The creator of Comfort Linen keenly noted this observation and decided, upon retirement, to adapt and improve on the design for use at home where beds of all sizes are found, and where people wish to remain for as long as they can.

Imagine a perfect blend of function and comfort, where the once cold, clinical equipment transforms into a luxurious night's companion. This is what Comfort Linen has achieved. Instead of utilizing a sliding drawsheet, we revolutionized the system with unique nightwear, boasting friction properties that harmonize optimally with the fitted sheet for smooth and easy moving. The nightwear replaced the sliding drawsheet of the hospital system, and as a “wearable”, the garment would become the mobility aid on the sheet moving with the body like a second skin.

Our fitted sheets are an embodiment of the thoughtfully engineered design. They feature a satin panel that acts as a smooth runway, encouraging freedom of lateral, or side-to-side, movement. It is strategically positioned for optimal user mobility while in bed.

Yet, our innovation doesn't end there. Surrounding the satin panel, below the hip level, and along the bed's edges, we've incorporated a fabric with higher friction. This underfoot fabric acts like a foothold, aiding the user during repositioning movements. Along the edges of the bed, this high-friction material forms a 6-inch border, acting as a safety barrier to minimize slipping out of the bed.

Every one of Comfort Linen's fitted sheets is designed with practicality in mind. They are fully machine washable at low temperatures and suitable for tumble dry settings, ensuring your luxurious sleep companion remains fresh and inviting.

Using Comfort Linen doesn't just mean investing in a fitted sheet, it's investing in quality of life, especially for those living with conditions that affect mobility, like Parkinson's. Our friction-reducing sheets and sleepwear simplify the task of turning in bed, getting in and out, and other efforts to find comfort. In the words of one of our customers, Susan A., "My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and was having trouble turning over in bed. We bought the sheet and short PJ's set, and it has helped him 100%".

At Comfort Linen, we aim to change the 'dread of bed' to the 'best of rest.' Experience the Comfort Linen difference today.