• Move with much less effort

  • Protect weak muscles

  • Conserve to preserve

  • Easier for partners too

Polio survivors Maggie M. and Nancy McGovern, creator of Comfort Linen, team to share this unique product with you.

As polio survivors, we know too well that moving in bed is difficult - sometimes nearly impossible – thanks to weakened muscles.  Changing positions can require you doing a whole lot of pulling, pushing, tugging, twisting, and lifting.  You may even need help to move in bed.  Moving by yourself can stress weak muscles and inflame sore joints.  For partners who help you, bed positioning is physically demanding and hard on their bodies, too.  But here’s the good news.  Comfort Linen’s system of friction-minimizing sheets and sleepwear makes moving in bed easier and can even help improve sleep.   Watch the video and see....


Unlike regular satin sheets, our sheets feature a satin panel that takes advantage of its special weave to provide the best low-friction surface for every move you make! On each side of the panel is a 6” border of standard sheeting. This higher-friction edging acts as a “brake” when sitting on the side of the bed. It also helps to keep the top covers in place unlike regular satin sheets where the covers tend to slide off! Yes, we thought of everything. That said, if you have ideas for improvement, let us know!

Comfort Linen also offers custom-made sheets. For example, Maggie’s sheet was adapted to enable moving her legs. With the ‘boots’ she wears to bed, a highly durable specialty fabric was used. It is the same fabric that has been used in hospital slider sheets – tried, tested and true! Rather than adapt sheets, in future it would be better to customize to the required specifications. Feedback is always welcome.  

“Turning over is easier when I use the sheets and pjs together. Without Nancy’s product, turning was such a struggle, if I could do it at all. I also have a metal handle at the edge of my bed that helps me get in and out, and to turn. The safety edge of the sheets means I don’t slip as I get in or out. Being more able to move in bed means I can snuggle with hubby better; so I call these my hanky-panky sheets.   Best to all."     From Post-polio Coffee House member Maggie M.


Our sheets work best when used with our sleep garments. As a mobility sleep system, each part has been developed so that the whole works at its best, almost like magic! Our sleepwear is cool and lightweight, moisture wicking, long-lasting and easy to care for.

It’s very likely that other styles will be needed to meet the wide range of tastes and needs, including adaptive designs to make dressing/ undressing easier. What’s important here, is to use fabrics that work best with the sheet to make friction as low as we can get it. This makes repositioning easier and safer. When new styles are added to our offerings it’s because there is a demand. Please let us know what your dream sleepwear would look like and how it would help meet your own needs.