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Bedding For People Living With parkinson's

Take advantage of our new bundle promotions for complete sets of Comfort Linen. Note: You must use the link below to use the bundle builder, then select products there to get the 30% discount.

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A Revolution In Sleep

Thousands of people living with PD are moving better in bed with Comfort Linen

Improve mobility in bed - Get in and out of bed easier - Enjoy your independence - Less disruption to your partner

Our Sheets

Unlike regular satin sheets, our sheets feature a satin panel that takes advantage of its special weave to provide the best low-friction surface for every move you make! 

Safety In Mind

On each side of our low friction sheet panel is a 6” border of standard sheeting. This higher-friction edging acts as a “brake” when sitting on the side of the bed to help prevent falls.

Our Sleepwear

Our sheets work best when used with our sleepwear.  Our sleepwear is cool and lightweight, moisture wicking, long-lasting and easy to care for.

Comfort Linen Is A Sleep System

For the best performance it's important to note that our sheets and sleepwear work in unison to provide the optimal friction reduction.

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Start Building Your Bundle

Our best bundled offer is 30% off when a 4-piece system of fitted sheet, flat sheet (top sheet), pillowslips and sleepwear is selected.  Once all 4 items are chosen, simply add to the cart and your savings willappear! If you have any questions, send us a note at and we’ll be veryhappy to help. Happy Bundling!