Welcome to the Comfort Linen Collections page! Our novel sleep system consists of two parts, a sleep garment and bed sheet. These have been designed to work together to manage friction for ease of movement and safety. While there may be some benefit from purchasing only the sheet, it is strongly recommended that our sleepwear also be purchased. If using sleepwear with higher friction properties, resistance will be greater thus making it more difficult to move in bed, and to get in and out. Using the system as designed will set a baseline for how easy it should be to move. We have taken great care to select the best combination of fabrics for this purpose as we want every customer to experience the very best results!

Sensational Fitted Sheets

To get started, select the sheet that fits your bed. Pay special attention to the dimensions before ordering - a quick measurement will ensure that you receive the correct fit for your mattress. We currently offer sheets for almost all North American mattress sizes, and select European and UK bed sizes. New offerings, coming soon by popular demand, will be a selection of colors with matching top sheets and pillowslips.


The Comfort Linen sleepwear collection embraces the ultimate in quality, comfort and style. The key difference with our sleepwear is that it has been designed to work with our fitted sheets to provide the best sleeping experience due to an optimal reduction in friction. Our sleepwear becomes the mobility companion when moving on the sheet! The lower friction enables users to move more freely in bed which allows a more restful sleep. With virtually no friction, turning over becomes almost effortless; and getting in and out of bed becomes easier too. Please be sure to check our size charts before ordering to avoid the disappointment of the sleepwear being too big or too small!

Men's Sleepwear

Our men’s sleepwear collection currently consists of T-shirts and shorts. Most customers have enjoyed this simple style over the years due to the main benefit of easier movement, but also because this style looks more like casual loungewear than traditional pajamas. The moisture- wicking, quick-drying properties and breathability of the fabric make these sleep sets a hit with our customers. However, we have listened to the many customer requests for other styles and will be adding long-sleeved tops with long bottoms; and a knee-length night-shirt. Soon, all styles will be available in sizes up to 5X.

Women's Sleepwear

We have a variety of styles in our women’s sleepwear collection consisting of gowns, top and shorts and full-length tops and bottoms. Enjoy the benefit of easier movement in bed in style! The sleepwear found in this collection is moisture-wicking, quick-drying and breathable. Soon we will be adding new styles and sizes up to a US women’s size 32 (Plus 4X).


The Comfort Linen Accessories Collection shows products that can be used at home and also when travelling! Enjoy all the benefits of Comfort Linen away from home by purchasing our popular, compact take-along travel sheets. Simply lay the travel sheet over your hotel or guest bed and enjoy the same benefits provided by the fitted Comfort Linen sheet at home. Comfort Linen’s pillowslips add a beautiful look to the bed and are easy to move on the sheet when using them for positioning support. Additionally, long hair becomes less tangled due to its ultra-smoothness.


The Comfort Linen Collection aims to revolutionize your sleep experience with its innovative system. Consisting of tailored sleepwear and bed sheets, the system is designed to minimize friction, thus optimizing ease of movement and safety in bed. With offerings to suit both men and women, in an inclusive range of sizes and styles, we are committed to ensuring comfort and satisfaction for all. Furthermore, our accessory line ensures you can experience the benefits of Comfort Linen, even when you're away from home. Remember, to achieve the best results, it's recommended to use our sleepwear and sheets together, as they work synergistically to deliver an unmatched sleep experience. Through meticulous fabric selection and careful design, we aim to provide a restful sleep that allows you to wake up refreshed and reenergized. Your comfort is our mission.