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  • Perfect gift for mom & dad, grandma & grandpa

  • Turning in bed is now a breeze

  • Everyone deserves better rest

  • Bring smiles to their faces!


Comfort Linen has made such a huge difference in not only the quality of sleep for my 92 year old mother and myself as her caregiver, but also in the quality of our lives. My mother had great mobility issues turning in bed, needing assistance in the middle of the night to shift positions, however the Comfort Linen system allows her to adjust her position and turn from side to side, she is so grateful to be able to once again do this independently. The quality of the bed linens and pajamas are exceptional, they are durable and comfortable, wash after wash. Thank you Nancy for your expertise and dedication in producing products that improve sleep which is ever so vital to everyone's physical and mental health!

Teri     8/8/2022

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What gift could one possibly get for parents or grandparents? It's a challenge on every special occasion - Mother's day, Father's Day, birthdays and Christmas! For the person who otherwise has "everything" chances are they don't have this! Get them a gift they will cherish forever! The Comfort Linen system will provide loved ones with a restful sleep experience by letting them move so easily and freely they can do it in their sleep! Less disruption from no more tossing to turn helps you - and your bed partner - stay asleep!

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Unlike regular satin sheets, our sheets feature a satin panel that takes advantage of its special weave to provide the best low-friction surface for every move you make! On each side of the panel is a 6” border of standard sheeting. This higher-friction edging acts as a “brake” when sitting on the side of the bed. Yes, we thought of everything! 


Our sheets work best when used with our sleep garments. As a mobility sleep system, each part has been developed so that the whole works at its best, almost like magic! Our sleepwear is cool and lightweight, moisture wicking, long-lasting and easy to care for.

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