If someone had told me the last part of my career as a physiotherapist would be spent promoting a mobility enhancing sleep system, I would have been very surprised!  But I am doing exactly that – and believing, wholeheartedly, in the technology I created. 

It was a perfect combination of my professional work, life experience and love of helping people that culminated in the creation of this unique design – comprised of a sheet and garment - that I knew could make a significant difference in people's lives and in healthcare. 

In the five years since establishing Comfort Linen, this system proved itself for people living at home.  As a movement professional it was natural to begin with a focus on people with mobility issues. However, it soon became apparent that Comfort Linen had benefits to many, not only those with mobility issues.  

I believe Comfort Linen to be a universal design and, as such, represents much of what I value - health, quality of life and inclusivity. My hope is for Comfort Linen to be adopted as bedding to benefit almost everyone, physically and emotionally, by providing ease of movement, freedom, relief and the promise of better sleep.  

It’s this passion for Comfort Linen that has me working beyond my first retirement, loving what I do and inspired to extend Comfort Linen's reach so people around the world living at home, in care centers or hospitals, or competing athletically will be able to enjoy all this textile technology has to offer. Quality sleep is the foundation for health, safety and performance so I am thrilled to offer you the healthful gift of Comfort Linen. 

Aside from my business, I enjoy a good round of golf, gardening, hand-work, winter travel and spending time with family and friends. 

I extend heartfelt thanks to my supportive family, trusted advisors and enthusiastic customers for your help along the way.  

Bidding you all restful sleep, exceptional health and love for Comfort Linen.