Sleeping on a Cloud: The Benefits of Pillow-Top Mattresses for Easier Movement


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Do you frequently wake up from sleep with tense muscles, joint pain, and a sore back? If so, the culprit may be your mattress. A pillow-top mattress can help alleviate this discomfort, offering higher levels of comfort throughout the night for an easier morning experience and improved health advantages.

With its extra layer of cushioning comfort on top of your existing mattress system, moving around during sleep becomes more effortless as it alleviates bodily pressure points to promote a better sleeping posture. In this post, we'll explore all the benefits of having a plush pillow-top mattress — perfect for those prone to muscular pains or who want to add some extra luxury while snoozing!

What is a Cloud Mattress?

A cloud mattress, a pillow-top mattress, is designed to provide extra cushioning and support. The extra cushioning layer on top of the traditional innerspring or foam mattress can help reduce pressure points and improve sleeping comfort. It also offers more airflow and breathability than standard mattresses.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Cloud Mattress

Sleeping on a cloud mattress offers many benefits, the most obvious being superior comfort and support, not to mention the luxurious look it adds to any bedroom. The pillow-top layer of these mattresses provides extra cushioning and prevents body impressions from forming over time. This makes them ideal for people with chronic pain who need additional support to reduce pressure points.

The pillow-top layer also helps improve air circulation and keeps the mattress temperature cool, allowing for deeper and more restful sleep. Furthermore, it helps reduce motion transfer from one side of the bed to another so you won't be disturbed by your partner's movements.

Another great benefit of sleeping on a cloud mattress is its improved ease of movement. The soft and luxurious layer allows for more comfortable transitioning from one sleeping position to the other without getting stuck in any one spot. This can be particularly helpful for individuals with joint pain or arthritis since it enables them to comfortably get into a sleeping position with minimal effort.

Pillow-top mattresses are also very durable and can last for years with proper care. They require little maintenance, which saves you time and money in the long run. In addition, they are easy to clean, so you need not worry about dust mites or allergens getting trapped in the fabric.

Features of Pillow Top Mattresses

Here are some of the features that make pillow-top mattresses so comfortable and supportive:

1. Comfort Layer - Pillow-top mattresses typically feature a comfort layer of memory foam, latex, or other cushioning material. This layer contours to your body's shape as you sleep, promoting even weight distribution and reducing pressure points.

2. Support Layer - The mattress's core is usually firm, like coils or foam. This layer supports keeping your spine in alignment, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

3. Edge Support -Pillow-top mattresses are designed with reinforced edges that prevent sinking or sagging when you sit on the bed's edge. This feature increases the available surface area, allowing you to move around comfortably in bed.

4. Temperature Regulation - Special fabrics are often used in pillow-top mattresses to regulate your body temperature while sleeping. That way, you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

These features create a luxurious sleeping experience, providing comfort and support for easier movement and deeper, more restful sleep. Getting a pillow top could be a great choice to improve your mattress.

Types of Cloud Mattresses

Five types of pillow-top mattresses vary in construction, style, and firmness. These include:

1. Innerspring Pillow Top

This type of mattress is made with a combination of pocketed coils and dense foam layers to make a supportive sleeping surface. It has an extra layer of cushioning at the top for added comfort.

2. Hybrid Pillow Top

This style of mattress is made with a combination of foam and coils for optimal support and comfort. It offers more cushioning than an innerspring pillow top but has less bounce than a hybrid.

3. Memory Foam Pillow Top

This type of mattress is designed to contour the body's shape and provide support. It has an extra layer of cushioning at the top for added comfort.

4. Latex Pillow Top

This style of mattress is made with a combination of natural latex foam and coils for optimal support and comfort. It offers more bounce than a memory foam pillow top but less than an innerspring one.

5. Gel Pillow Top

This type of mattress is designed with a layer of cooling gel memory foam at the top for added comfort and temperature regulation. It offers more cushioning than an innerspring pillow top but has less bounce than a hybrid or latex pillow top.

What Makes a Pillow-Top Mattress Unique?

A pillow-top mattress has an additional layer of cushioning on the top.. This added comfort layer helps provide even more support to your body and reduces pressure points, allowing you to move around easier without pain or discomfort. Pillow tops also serve as an additional barrier between you and the coils inside the mattress, providing extra support to your body throughout the night.

These mattresses are available in various thicknesses so that you can find the perfect balance of comfort and support for your needs. Plus, pillow-top mattresses come with a variety of materials to choose from. Whether you want a memory foam or gel-infused pillow top, you can find a mattress that works for you and your sleep needs.

Major Differences Between a Pillow Top Mattress and a Traditional Mattress

Pillow Top mattresses are quickly becoming the favorite choice for those who want extra comfort and better sleep quality. While standard mattresses provide support and durability, pillow top mattresses offer added softness and cushioning to experience increased relaxation when lying down. In addition to the improved comfort offered by pillow top mattresses, several other key differences set them apart from traditional mattresses.

First, a pillow top mattress typically contains extra layers of cushioning material — such as foam or fiberfill — to provide an even softer sleeping surface. This additional layer can make the mattress feel more like a "cloud" and reduce the pressure on your body during sleep.

Therefore, you might experience less discomfort while changing positions in bed and sleep more peacefully at night. Secondly, pillow-top mattresses are often larger than traditional mattresses, so if you have a bigger bedroom or need extra space for two people, this type of mattress is the perfect solution.

Finally, pillow top mattresses generally cost more than traditional ones. Because they are made with higher-quality materials and offer additional cushioning and comfort, they are pricier than regular mattresses. You can find a pillow top mattress that meets your comfort needs and budget if you take the time to research the different types available.

Overall, pillow-top mattresses offer a unique way to experience increased comfort and better sleep quality than traditional mattresses. To determine if a pillow-top mattress suits your needs, it's crucial to research and find one that fulfills all your requirements. A suitable pillow-top mattress can make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud!

What Size Sheets Are Needed for Pillow Top Mattresses?

Pillow-top mattresses require special care and attention when selecting the proper bedding. Ensure you have sheets that fit properly to get the most out of your pillow top mattress. To ensure a proper fit, it's important to determine the appropriate sheet size for your pillow top mattress.

The standard sizes for top pillow mattresses are twin, full, queen, and king. Sheets that fit these sizes need a pocket depth of at least 16 inches for the deepest parts of the mattress. For added comfort, you can purchase sheets with extra deep pockets, up to 22 inches or more. This is especially important if you have one of the thickest pillow top mattresses available.

When selecting a sheet set, look for the thread count of the material used. Higher thread count sheets are more durable and will last longer while providing a comfortable sleeping experience. The same goes with mattress pads or toppers that you may use in addition to your bedding, so make sure you purchase ones the same size as your mattress.

You should also consider the type of sheets, as many different materials are available. Cotton is often considered the most comfortable and breathable for bedding, but you may also want to look into other fabrics like microfiber or satin. Whichever material you choose, purchase sheets that fit your mattress snugly for the best results.


What is the advantage of a pillow top mattress?

The main advantage of a pillow top mattress is that it provides increased comfort and support. The extra layers of cushioning allow your body to sink into the mattress, resulting in better sleep quality.

How does a pillow top mattress work?

A pillow top mattress typically has an extra layer of cushioning material, such as foam or fiberfill, on the top portion of the mattress. This additional layer makes the sleeping surface softer and reduces pressure points on your body when you sleep.

How do you make your bed feel like sleeping on a cloud?

Use high-quality sheets with a deep pocket that fits your pillow-top mattress to make your bed feel like sleeping on a cloud. Additionally, add a mattress topper or pad for extra cushioning and comfort.

What is a cloud mattress?

A cloud mattress is a pillow top mattress containing additional layers of foam or fiberfill to increase comfort and support levels. These mattresses are designed to provide an ultra-plush sleeping surface, giving you the feeling of being enveloped in a "cloud."

What are the benefits of a cloud bed?

The benefits of a cloud bed include increased comfort, reduced pressure points on your body, better sleep quality, and improved circulation. Additionally, these mattresses are designed to be both supportive and soft, making them ideal for all types of sleepers. A cloud bed is a perfect choice if you're looking for an option that provides the ultimate luxurious sleeping experience.

Are cloud mattresses good?

Cloud mattresses are a great option for an ultra-plush sleeping surface. These mattresses provide excellent comfort and support and have been designed to reduce pressure points on your body. If you take good care of them, they can be long-lasting due to their high durability.

What are cloud mattresses made of?

Cloud mattresses are typically made of layers of foam or fiberfill that provide additional cushioning and comfort. These layers often combine with a coil system to create a supportive yet comfortable sleeping surface.


This article has helped convince you of the benefits of pillow-top mattresses and that they are worth considering if you want to improve your sleeping experience. Pillow-top mattresses balance comfort and support while offering improved motion isolation for those who spend time on their beds changing positions throughout the night. 

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