Comfort Linen’s Team is Growing!


Comfort Linen’s Team is Growing!

Thanks to our growing customer base and launch of our new e-commerce website, we are pleased to announce the addition of two new team members. Helping us to expand worldwide while delivering excellent customer service are Mr. Corey Sigvaldason, Comfort Linen’s interim CEO, and Mr. Kirk Baethke, Operations Manager.

We are fortunate to have Corey and Kirk’s backgrounds – strong in business development, marketing and sales, social media, communications, and more! Comfort Linen’s structure remains the same – me as President and Founder and Alan Wong as Business Development Manager. Alan and I have found that given our company’s evolution – and the unrelenting demands on our schedules – it was time to recruit additional business support so we can guide Comfort Linen forward while having others focus on the day-to-day responsibilities. It is with great excitement and anticipation that we take this next step.

To all our valued customers, friends, family and associates – a big thank you for making Comfort Linen’s first 5 years successful. Our product is proven – and we look forward to achieving our vision of “Making Life Easier for Everyone”.

Please help us spread the word about Comfort Linen. I hope you will continue to send me your feedback and questions – it all helps to improve our offerings. If you haven’t yet tried Comfort Linen, you don’t know what you’re missing! Let’s talk!


9 thoughts on Comfort Linen’s Team is Growing!

  1. This is my second order, absolutely love these sheets! Both my husband & I are somewhat disabled and these sheets have provided us restful and uninterrupted sleep while shifting to a different sleep position. Thank you for marketing them to the world. The last order I didn’t buy my husband pjs, I didn’t realize they were an integral part of the slippy rolls, he likes the feel of the sheets against his skin but I think he will be surprised by the comfort of the slippy pj’s. Thank you once again! Cheers Fran

    • That’s great to hear Fran! I also think your husband will notice a big difference with the PJ set. Just wearing the shorts can be quite effective but wearing the shirt too makes moving that much easier. Uninterrupted sleep – how wonderful! Thanks for letting me know. Nancy

  2. I was just wondering if there could be nightgown that is shorter than the one that you are selling. The length of the pyjama top without the pants. My wife has difficulty when she goes to use the toilet. Because she has Parkinson’s pulling up and holding the gown difficult. If it’s slightly shorter she might not need to use her hands.

    • Hi Tony – I appreciate the question and your suggestion. If the nightgown style were made shorter, I’d be concerned about adequate coverage of the backside and hips for the necessary contact with the sheet. For users who are tall, this would be especially true as the nightie would then be relatively short/ too short for their stature. When the skin contacts the sheet, high friction and less freedom of mobility result. So… what else can I suggest? A short top like the PJ top could work with shorts or undies of similar material. That said, your wife might also struggle with lowering and raising these garments. If this is the case, I suggest having the nightgown shortened to suit your wife’s needs. Ideally, this is done professionally so the hem is finished properly. That said, I know that the nightgown material does not fray or run “too badly”. Another customer had good success with simply cutting the hem to the desired length – she didn’t mind the unfinished look as the functionality for bathroom time was more important to her. You have identified a problem that I have heard before so I will put some thought into this to find a better solution. Thanks very much for generating this discussion. Nancy

  3. I am waiting with bated breath for the king size satin fitted sheets to be available again. Do you have any idea when that might be? Your queen size sheet and night gown combo have been phenomenally helpful to me. Without them, I’m practically velcroed into bed. with them, I glide from one side to another. My husband just bought us a new king size bed. I’ve been using our Comfort Linen travel sheet on the new bed, but I would love to get back to a fitted sheet.

    • Hi Sharon. Thanks for your message and pleased to hear you find Comfort Linen so helpful. The King fitted sheets are on order but I’ve not yet received a delivery date. Our apologies for the extra wait time – great that you have the Travel Sheet to use in the meantime. Ours goes everywhere we go – moving without friction makes such a difference. I’ll post an update on delivery time.

    • Hi Sharon. I’m happy to report that the new sheet order is on target for the end of October. A few days more for shipping… and you will have the king sheet for your new bed. We thank you for your patience and support of our unique product. Best wishes, Nancy

      • Hi Nancy. Thank you for the great news! I’ve ordered the new sheets and am awaiting their arrival. Because feeling glued into one sleep position is not something I enjoy, the travel sheet goes with me whenever we’re planning to be someplace overnight. But it’s less convenient than the fitted sheet. Can hardly wait!

        • Hi Sharon, I was very happy to send that good news to you. Now, I hope that the long-awaited sheet has arrived and has found its way to your new spacious king-size bed! Being glued and velcro’d is no fun – I am happy you find Comfort Linen so freeing – your descriptive terms tell all! On the same subject, I do like getting people to think about why we “toss and turn” – or more correctly stated, why we “toss in order to turn”. The reason is because of the ever-present forces of gravity and friction that our bodies attempt to overcome by “throwing ourselves – or tossing” to make a turn happen. Nothing can be done to eliminate gravity – but we can reduce its effect by “eliminating” friction – as much as is possible. With Comfort Linen’s interface created to be virtually “friction-free”, the user is then able to shift and reposition with significantly less effort (no need to raise the hips) and disturbance – say good-bye to tossing and turning! Sleep hours become less fragmented with more restful sleep resulting. Improved sleep quality can be very true for partners as well – less bouncing and bed shaking going on provides a better night’s sleep! Thanks for keeping the conversation going – please stay in touch.

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