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Comfort Linen works like a dream!  Instantly, I moved beautifully.  This product is good for everyone - I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful innovation.  Follow-up message… I fell yesterday, hit my ribcage and pulled some muscles. I was worried about moving in bed, but the sleep system was incredible!  It makes moving when you really hurt so much easier!!!    ~ C.M., Richmond, BC 

How incredible is Comfort Linen?!  I’ve slept so much better and wake up without the usual soreness.  Thanks so much for coming up with these products.  I will share the wonderful results with people in my circle.    ~ M.K., Person with Parkinson's, Florida 

Thank you for a product that does exactly what it promises.  It was unbelievable how easily I could move without putting stress on my arms as advised after my recent cardiac surgery.  I’m already talking about it with my friends!    ~ S.D., Vancouver, BC 

The first night with Comfort Linen was my best sleep in months!  Repositioning was effortless, even without using my painful arm. What a difference it makes to how I feel the next day.    ~ D.S., Physiotherapist, Kamloops, BC  

Sleeping with Comfort Linen feels like we are turning in air.  Though we are healthy and physically active, we love the feeling of turning so easily.  It even makes camping feel luxurious!     ~ C.B., Whitehorse, Yukon 

I am so happy with my Comfort Linen sheet and nightie!  They are life-changing in my ability to turn easily in bed. I smile just thinking about it.  Thank you, Nancy!     ~ Betty, Pennsylvania 

My mom truly enjoys her nightie and sheet; she won’t go back to anything else.  She hurts less and loves that her nightie doesn't bunch up.  Now, my dad wants a set!  I will try it too, as I tend to toss and turn all night.  I’m looking forward to a good night's sleep.    ~  Gaby, Montreal, Q.C. 

I LOVE Comfort Linen!  I can't believe the difference it makes to my quality of life.  Having Parkinson's makes simple things like getting into bed, turning over and finding comfortable sleeping positions very difficult.  Being in bed was agonizing.  Now, I turn over with ease and get a full night's sleep.  Thank you so much, Nancy!    ~ D., Seattle, WA 

Comfort Linen helps me be independent again; a huge welcome relief.  I’m sleeping better and so is my wife.  It goes where we go.    ~ Q. M., Stroke Survivor, Delta, BC 

With Comfort Linen, it’s wonderful knowing I can turn over better.  Not having it while on a trip made me realize what a difference it makes.  Now, I make sure to take the travel sheet wherever we go.  My husband has Parkinson’s and back pain; Comfort Linen makes it so easy for him to move again.  We both love it.  Life improves 10-fold when we both sleep solid and wake with no pain.    ~ Cheryl Nybo, Swift Current, SK  

I've used your hospital slider sheets since becoming paraplegic 3 years ago.  I turn every 30 minutes for comfort and pressure relief. They certainly make it easier.  Now, your new design, Comfort Linen, has improved the situation further - I love it!  You've been a tremendous benefit to people like me everywhere - thank you.    ~ Blaine Setter, Kamloops, B.C. 

A back injury resulted in a herniated disc and later, generalized arthritis.  For years, I stayed in one position to sleep due to pain and difficulty moving.  With Comfort Linen, I immediately felt the ease of movement and started moving while asleep.  I didn’t wake up as often and felt less stiff and sore in the morning.    ~ S.T. Physiotherapist, Edmonton, AB 

I wrote to my physical therapist at the University of Florida's Movement Disorder Clinic to thank her for recommending Comfort Linen.  The results have been fantastic!  I can report - PROBLEM SOLVED!  Changing positions and rolling over requires almost no effort. Meanwhile... I'm sleeping in the clouds! T hank you so much.    ~ P., Florida 

I love the freedom of movement with Comfort Linen; it felt like I was floating the first time I used it.  As a person with Parkinson’s, it means a lot to be able to move about easily.  As a psychologist, I know the importance of minimizing limitations associated with this disease.  Freedom of movement supports independence and reduces feelings of helplessness that contribute to depression – a major problem in Parkinson’s disease.    ~ L.R., Kamloops, BC 

After injuring my back, I struggled to find positions of comfort while sleeping and woke frequently due to pain.  Comfort Linen has been a god-send!  It lets me sleep through the night.  Adjusting myself in bed is no longer a struggle.  Now, I wake up feeling rested and less stiff.  Thanks to Comfort Linen, my recovery is easier and faster.  I will recommend this product to friends and family, or anyone who suffers from any condition that is affecting their sleep!    ~ R. Light, Kamloops, BC 

Since using Comfort Linen, my back pain is practically gone.  Getting up from bed in the morning is so much easier; it is such a relief. I didn’t need a new mattress after all!    ~ L.H., Mission, BC 




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