What is coMfort linen?

a more restful sleep


The combination of sheet and garment is our primary system. We take great care to ensure our fabric pairings offer the ultimate in friction-reduction thereby providing you with ease of movement that is second to none. Until Comfort Linen, the laws of friction had never been applied to the surfaces on which we lie and move. With Comfort Linen's interface being nearly friction-free, there is little disruption during changes of position which enables more continuous sleep. Sleep partners also benefit from this gentle repositioning. We spend about a third of our lives in bed; isn't it time for bedding with ergonomic intelligence? Let the science of friction work while you sleep!  


Our sleep garments are made with high-performance technical fabrics most commonly used in active wear for their moisture-wicking, fast-drying and anti-microbial properties. They are soft, lightweight and breathable making them ideal for sleep wear.  

Our sheets feature a center panel with a satin weave that works optimally with our garments. The fabric is known for its long crossover fibers that make it one of the smoothest available.  These laterally-oriented long fibers are what allow the garment fabric to float over— rather than stick to— the underlying sheet during re-positioning. Beneficially, the fabric's ultra-fine fibers also make it temperature neutral, neither warm nor cold, helping keep you at a comfortable temperature. 


To ensure our product integrity and give you the best results possible, your first purchase must be a minimum of one sheet and one garment. Once you have experienced the system, you are free to order additional or replacement items as you please. 

To ensure your first experience is excellent please follow these steps to submit your order: 

  •  First-time Customers  

Step 1: Select a fitted or travel sheet  

Step 2: Select a garment 

Step 3: Indicate sizes, colors and optional accessory items 

  • Returning Customers 

Step 1: Select additional or replacement item(s) 

Step 2: Indicate sizes and colors 

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