Q: How does Comfort Linen help me sleep better? 

A: It helps in several ways. Consider the following: 

  • The "toss" is literally taken out of "tossing and turning" allowing you and/ or your partner to stay asleep or get back to sleep faster. There is reduced need to "bounce" or raise the body— hips, head and shoulders— against the pull of gravity when friction is no longer hindering efforts to reposition. The body becomes more relaxed – a state necessary for sleep. 
  • Snoring is typically worse when lying on the back and less when lying on either side. The ease of turning side to side helps keep "snorers" off their backs thereby leading to better sleep.  
  • Studies show tossing and turning generally occur during brief arousals from sleep during the night. Before each repositioning movement, the cortical EEG (brain) signals go from slow activity of the sleep state to low voltage, fast activity of the awake individual but will only do so briefly before the person shifts position and falls back asleep. www.brainfacts.org/about-us/people/gine-poe/  
  • When moving is difficult or painful, brain arousal increases and results in wakeful periods that interfere with restorative sleep. By using our technology, your brain is more likely to remain in the sleep state allowing you a deeper, more restful sleep. 

 Q: How much easier is it to move with Comfort Linen's system? 

A: Moving with Comfort Linen is approximately 80% easier! Qualitative feedback supports quantitative measures of friction coefficients for traditional textiles and Comfort Linen’s system. 

Q: What Comfort Linen styles work best? 

A: All Comfort Linen garments work well. Coverage of the hips, trunk and arms gives the best results for ease of movement. Those who prefer to go shirtless - and wear only the shorts – can also experience effective results. 

Q: I stopped wearing anything to bed years ago. Will the sheet work if I sleep nude? 

A: A little, but not nearly as well. If you're thinking about using Comfort Linen, please consider that: 

  • Comfort Linen has addressed key problems that contribute to giving up on wearing sleep garments. Traditional garments can feel too hot. They ride-up, twist and bunch causing aggravation and disruption. This occurs because friction has been left unmanaged. In contrast, our garments behave like a second skin; they move with you instead of sticking to the sheet because friction has been managed. Additionally, the technical performance fabric is thermo-regulating which helps keep you comfortable. 
  • The system is not complete without the garment. With no garment worn, skin interfaces with the sheet panel resulting in a higher coefficient of friction thereby requiring more effort to move. This is the reason for developing Comfort Linen as a two-part system. 

 Q: Can Comfort Linen be machine-laundered? 

A: Yes! A delicate cycle for washing and low setting for drying is recommended. Alternately, garments will dry quickly when hung, making them ideal for travelling. Don’t use softeners or dryer sheets as these will interfere with the moisture wicking properties of the garment fabric. Washing again will remove any residue if softeners or dryer sheets are mistakenly used. Please see package inserts for full instructions. 

Q: Are there any special care tips? 

A: The satin sheet panel is a delicate material. It washes well but can be prone to pulls if in contact with rough heels or other surfaces. To help keep your sheet in good condition: 

  • Keep heels smooth; alternately, wear socks 
  • Shift down in bed to help keep feet off the panel  
  • Avoid contacting the satin panel with rough skin, nails or other items such as hook and loop closures that "catch" causing pulls or pilling 

 Q: The corners of my regular sheet often pull off creating extra work to make the bed again. Will Comfort Linen's fitted sheet stay in place? 

 A: Yes! Regular sheets tend to pull off at the corners because of friction. It’s the drag of your body against the sheet during repositioning that causes the corners to pull off the mattress. With Comfort Linen's system: 

  • Sheet corners remain securely in place because there is little tension on the sheet. Remember... the hindrance of friction has been virtually eliminated. 
  • Fighting with bedding is a thing of the past; covers tend to stay in place and require little straightening in the morning, saving you time and energy. 

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